Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Soggy Oatmeal, Duck tape, & a new start!

This week has been crazy.  I have been really sick & my everything has changed.  I have had to learn to like oatmeal & I am wonderful at making it soggy (which is NOT how I prefer it but I will take what I can get).  haha!
The best part of our week was yesterday (Sunday). Our branch that we are in literally has 30 people in it so when a family is missing you can tell.  Yesterday our biggest family,was missing & there were only 12 people there. The father is our piano player ( & our ward mission leader) so yesterday we pulled out the CD player.  President was putting the CD in & trying to get it to work & then he said, " You know its good technology when you have to use duck tape."  Sister Krupa & I thought he was kidding.  He was not kidding. I guess he had to use duck tape to keep it closed. 
During the sacrament I hit the water tray with my hand & cups full of water went flying & I went bright red.  Hitting one of the sacrament trays has always been my fears & watching bread or water go flying.  It was an adventure.  I also got to give a talk yesterday about Joseph Smith & I honestly have no idea what I said but a few people  were crying so I think that whatever I said hit the spot. 
I love all of you & I hope that you are having a fabulous day:)  Be happy! 
Love Sister Green!!!!   

Note: It takes a really long time for pictures to upload, so when possible she is going to send me her memory card and then I will upload pictures for others to see.  So it will be a while before we see more pictures.

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