Sunday, June 2, 2013

First few days in the MTC & Reba's Birthday

We haven't heard much from Rebecca since she went into the MTC.  No pictures yet...grrr. She did send a short email to mom saying that she was so happy to be there.  Then on Friday she spent the night in the ER because she got sick again and they think she just ate some stuff that didn't settle with her stomach.  Ever since her surgery in April she has been learning what she can and can't eat by trial and error.  So please keep her in your prayers because she really wants to be completely healthy so she can do the work and teach people about God.
Since our dad lives an hour away he went down to the hospital while she was in the ER and he said that even though she was feeling quite ill he could tell that she looked happy to be a missionary.

Her companions name is Sister Mortenson and she is from Utah and they seem to get along really well.

Rebecca's BIRTHDAY is on Saturday, June 8th!

It would be so awesome for everyone to send her a letter and wish her a Happy Birthday!
There is this awesome service that let's you send letters to missionaries in the MTC for FREE online.  You type it in and they print it out and put it in their mail box. Just an FYI you wont be able to do this after she leaves the MTC.
So go to on the home page it asks you to select a mission from a dropbox box and select "Provo MTC--FREE."
Then fill in the letter form with your info and her mailing info as pictured below:

Then scroll down and type her a Happy Birthday message.  Then click to "Send Letter"

She will then get the next day!

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