Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 3

This week has been a blur.  We were in meetings the first half & sick the other half & now as I try to remember what has gone on I can't remember anything. 

We had a BIG SPECIAL TRAINING on Tuesday & then District Meeting on Wednesday & then on Friday Sis. Briggs & I were both sick.  But none the less that left Sis. Pickerell to do a TON.  She went to lessons & taught & had really good experiences.

Thursday we went & saw Wes & Kaitlin.  They are a young married couple & they have 3 beautiful kids.  They have a baptism date but they are struggling with gaining a testimony of knowing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  We are working with them & trying to help them see the blessings that the Gospel can bring into their lives.      

Sister Green with her companions.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 1 & 2

This week has been literally crazy.  When I got here on the 7th I was sent out to Ely, NV.  Which is closer to SLC than it is to Reno.  It was wonderful but let me tell you all now that there is almost nothing in Ely, but thankfully there were wonderful people to teach.  My companion was Sister Maples & she is from Georgia & beyond wonderful & I am grateful for her more than she will probably ever know.  We went through things together that have bound us for life.  We had a cute little cottage that we were staying in & of course I didnt get a picture of how cute it was.  We loved that sweet, humble home that we were blessed enough to have.  
 The sad thing was I was admitted to the hospital that first Saturday & was there until Tuesday & then Tuesday night Sister Hermansen came & got me & back to Reno we went. 
I got to spend the next few days living with the Hermansen's which was interesting.  It was interesting because I am not used to seeing my mission President & his sweet wife be parents.  The have a 17 year old daughter who is a senior this year & then a 26 year old who is working.  I loved getting the chance to see how very hard this calling is for them & the struggles they go through.  They are so strong, wonderful & loving.  Not only do they have their 8 kids to worry about but they have 250 missionaries to worry about.  They are so good at making it look easy.  I love them. 
When it was decided that I was well enough to go out I went out with Sister Schafer & Sister Jump.  Sister Schafer & I met in the MTC & bonded instantly & Sister Jumpm is a Temple Square sister.  I spent the day with them & we were able to teach lesson one to one of their investigators.  
On Friday I was put into my official companionship.  I am in a trio & it is wonderful.  I couldn't have asked for better companions.  Sister Pickerell is from Colorado & we were in the MTC together & she is my trainer & then there is Sister Briggs & she came to us from Temple Square.  Oh & after hearing about the wonderful sister who serve on Temple Square I have decided that I would have struggled.  Those Sisters have to stay on the square.  I would have gone crazy. 
These girls are so happy to be here & are excited to do the work & everyday we are busy from 6:30am until the time that our heads our pillows.  We are teaching a couple of wonderful souls. One of the is Morgan.  Morgan is a charcter he told us he drinks about 60ish cups of coffee a day & he has a crazy amount of energy for a 50 somthing year old man.  Then their is Richard.  Richard LOVE music.  So we sing a ton with him.  He has a gentle heart & a faith that changes me.  Then there is Chris.  So Chris is a pastor at another church but he is more than willing to take the lessons & come to church.  We have a bunch of less actives that we are contacting & trying to figure out why they are not coming to church.  We are trying & doing the very best that can.  We pray every day that all who we are teaching will understand how loved of God they are & how much He understands them. 

Reno Valley