Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 3

This week has been a blur.  We were in meetings the first half & sick the other half & now as I try to remember what has gone on I can't remember anything. 

We had a BIG SPECIAL TRAINING on Tuesday & then District Meeting on Wednesday & then on Friday Sis. Briggs & I were both sick.  But none the less that left Sis. Pickerell to do a TON.  She went to lessons & taught & had really good experiences.

Thursday we went & saw Wes & Kaitlin.  They are a young married couple & they have 3 beautiful kids.  They have a baptism date but they are struggling with gaining a testimony of knowing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  We are working with them & trying to help them see the blessings that the Gospel can bring into their lives.      

Sister Green with her companions.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 1 & 2

This week has been literally crazy.  When I got here on the 7th I was sent out to Ely, NV.  Which is closer to SLC than it is to Reno.  It was wonderful but let me tell you all now that there is almost nothing in Ely, but thankfully there were wonderful people to teach.  My companion was Sister Maples & she is from Georgia & beyond wonderful & I am grateful for her more than she will probably ever know.  We went through things together that have bound us for life.  We had a cute little cottage that we were staying in & of course I didnt get a picture of how cute it was.  We loved that sweet, humble home that we were blessed enough to have.  
 The sad thing was I was admitted to the hospital that first Saturday & was there until Tuesday & then Tuesday night Sister Hermansen came & got me & back to Reno we went. 
I got to spend the next few days living with the Hermansen's which was interesting.  It was interesting because I am not used to seeing my mission President & his sweet wife be parents.  The have a 17 year old daughter who is a senior this year & then a 26 year old who is working.  I loved getting the chance to see how very hard this calling is for them & the struggles they go through.  They are so strong, wonderful & loving.  Not only do they have their 8 kids to worry about but they have 250 missionaries to worry about.  They are so good at making it look easy.  I love them. 
When it was decided that I was well enough to go out I went out with Sister Schafer & Sister Jump.  Sister Schafer & I met in the MTC & bonded instantly & Sister Jumpm is a Temple Square sister.  I spent the day with them & we were able to teach lesson one to one of their investigators.  
On Friday I was put into my official companionship.  I am in a trio & it is wonderful.  I couldn't have asked for better companions.  Sister Pickerell is from Colorado & we were in the MTC together & she is my trainer & then there is Sister Briggs & she came to us from Temple Square.  Oh & after hearing about the wonderful sister who serve on Temple Square I have decided that I would have struggled.  Those Sisters have to stay on the square.  I would have gone crazy. 
These girls are so happy to be here & are excited to do the work & everyday we are busy from 6:30am until the time that our heads our pillows.  We are teaching a couple of wonderful souls. One of the is Morgan.  Morgan is a charcter he told us he drinks about 60ish cups of coffee a day & he has a crazy amount of energy for a 50 somthing year old man.  Then their is Richard.  Richard LOVE music.  So we sing a ton with him.  He has a gentle heart & a faith that changes me.  Then there is Chris.  So Chris is a pastor at another church but he is more than willing to take the lessons & come to church.  We have a bunch of less actives that we are contacting & trying to figure out why they are not coming to church.  We are trying & doing the very best that can.  We pray every day that all who we are teaching will understand how loved of God they are & how much He understands them. 

Reno Valley

Monday, December 30, 2013

Returning to the Field

It is with much anticipation and excitement we are pleased to announce that Sister Green is heading back out on her mission!  She is returning to the Reno Nevada Mission on January 7, 2014.  Thank you for all the prayers and please continue to keep her in your prayers that she will continue to stay healthy and fulfill her mission as she wishes to do. In mid-January we should start getting letters/emails from her again so add this blog back to your favorites and stay up to date with what is going on in her mission!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Taking a break to get better

Rebecca is coming home today.  She is very sick.  We are hoping that she is able to make the plane ride home and as soon as she gets off the plane she is going straight to the hospital.  She has been dealing with this illness (whatever it is) since January and she thought she was better in May, but it has come back and she feels the worst she has ever felt.  Prayers and fasting for her would be appreciated. Her mission president told her that if she chooses to come back out to the mission field they will welcome her with open arms, but they understand if her life takes her a different direction.  So, that is all for now and when or if she decides to go back out then we will start posting again. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Soggy Oatmeal, Duck tape, & a new start!

This week has been crazy.  I have been really sick & my everything has changed.  I have had to learn to like oatmeal & I am wonderful at making it soggy (which is NOT how I prefer it but I will take what I can get).  haha!
The best part of our week was yesterday (Sunday). Our branch that we are in literally has 30 people in it so when a family is missing you can tell.  Yesterday our biggest family,was missing & there were only 12 people there. The father is our piano player ( & our ward mission leader) so yesterday we pulled out the CD player.  President was putting the CD in & trying to get it to work & then he said, " You know its good technology when you have to use duck tape."  Sister Krupa & I thought he was kidding.  He was not kidding. I guess he had to use duck tape to keep it closed. 
During the sacrament I hit the water tray with my hand & cups full of water went flying & I went bright red.  Hitting one of the sacrament trays has always been my fears & watching bread or water go flying.  It was an adventure.  I also got to give a talk yesterday about Joseph Smith & I honestly have no idea what I said but a few people  were crying so I think that whatever I said hit the spot. 
I love all of you & I hope that you are having a fabulous day:)  Be happy! 
Love Sister Green!!!!   

Note: It takes a really long time for pictures to upload, so when possible she is going to send me her memory card and then I will upload pictures for others to see.  So it will be a while before we see more pictures.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Green, Greenie, & Greenville

The flight was long but worth it I got see what nothing looks like from
30,000 feet.  It was an adventure.  My companion had never been on a plane
before so it was very EXCITING for her.  She loved it. Getting to Reno was
the best part.  As we came down the stairs President & Sister Hermensem
were waiting for us at the bottom with huge smiles on their faces.  We were
driven back to the mission home & had lunch.  We got to sit and listen to
everyone talk for forever ( it felt like forever but in reality it was like
3ish hours)  I got to talk to President by myself & he knew exactly who I
was because of the slight delay that I had in getting here ( He talked to
everyone to see where they should go and who their trainer should be).

Finally the time came to find out our area and who our trainer would be.  I
am in the Greenville Area & no I am not in Nevada.  I am in the beautiful
state of California.  I am 5ish hours from where I lived for 10 years.  My
trainer is Sister Krupa & she has lived everywhere but home for right now
is Idaho Falls.  Quick funny story she went to BYUI during the fall
semester & lived at the Ivy & she was in the same building I was in just
one floor up.  We both thought that was interesting.

Greenville is the middle of nowhere California, but I do have to say that
it is beautiful here & I am glad that I am here in this tiny town.  It kind
of makes me miss what I once knew so being back in tiny is good for me.
Another thing that is a little cool is that Sister Krupa & I are opening
this area.  They have never had missionaries just in Greenville before.
The missionaries have always been shared but now Greenville has their own.
We were doubled transferred ( meaning that neither one of us has ever been
here before).  We are starting from scratch which is a challenge but
totally worth it.  Guess how big the ward is......there were a whole 30
people at sacrament yesterday.  If we get 10 more people there Greenville
is going to need a bigger building.  haha!  (Sister Krupa said that I am
the only greenie opening an area.  That is scary)!!!!! :)

We are living with members & it is different.  Good but different!  We are
living in the attic.

I love you & I hope that you all are doing well.

love Sister Green:)

This is the view she wakes up to every morning!

 Here she is with her MTC companion

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Mom  received an email from Rebecca's mission president yesterday, letting her know that Rebecca made it. They also included some pictures. The group one is all the new missionaries in Reno. Then a picture with her companion, Sister Krupa. Lastly, a picture with the mission president and his wife.