Thursday, June 20, 2013

Green, Greenie, & Greenville

The flight was long but worth it I got see what nothing looks like from
30,000 feet.  It was an adventure.  My companion had never been on a plane
before so it was very EXCITING for her.  She loved it. Getting to Reno was
the best part.  As we came down the stairs President & Sister Hermensem
were waiting for us at the bottom with huge smiles on their faces.  We were
driven back to the mission home & had lunch.  We got to sit and listen to
everyone talk for forever ( it felt like forever but in reality it was like
3ish hours)  I got to talk to President by myself & he knew exactly who I
was because of the slight delay that I had in getting here ( He talked to
everyone to see where they should go and who their trainer should be).

Finally the time came to find out our area and who our trainer would be.  I
am in the Greenville Area & no I am not in Nevada.  I am in the beautiful
state of California.  I am 5ish hours from where I lived for 10 years.  My
trainer is Sister Krupa & she has lived everywhere but home for right now
is Idaho Falls.  Quick funny story she went to BYUI during the fall
semester & lived at the Ivy & she was in the same building I was in just
one floor up.  We both thought that was interesting.

Greenville is the middle of nowhere California, but I do have to say that
it is beautiful here & I am glad that I am here in this tiny town.  It kind
of makes me miss what I once knew so being back in tiny is good for me.
Another thing that is a little cool is that Sister Krupa & I are opening
this area.  They have never had missionaries just in Greenville before.
The missionaries have always been shared but now Greenville has their own.
We were doubled transferred ( meaning that neither one of us has ever been
here before).  We are starting from scratch which is a challenge but
totally worth it.  Guess how big the ward is......there were a whole 30
people at sacrament yesterday.  If we get 10 more people there Greenville
is going to need a bigger building.  haha!  (Sister Krupa said that I am
the only greenie opening an area.  That is scary)!!!!! :)

We are living with members & it is different.  Good but different!  We are
living in the attic.

I love you & I hope that you all are doing well.

love Sister Green:)

This is the view she wakes up to every morning!

 Here she is with her MTC companion

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